e B Y   F A M I L y   D E N T A L

As a family-friendly dentist in a small town, Stacey Eby needed branding that would help her office stand out. Utilizing consistent colors, typography, and copy, Eby Family Dental's new branding sparkles.


Eby Family Dental needed cards to inform patients for a variety of reasons. A cohesive card set was designed to assist in this.

F A C E B O O K    G R A P H I C S

Eby Family Dental frequently uses Facebook to interact with customers. From special event promotion to general reminders about dental care, I designed a series of graphics that matched the new branding.

Cover photos are often used to highlight upcoming events and special deals, but I also recommended the use of a series of more general, seasonal graphics to switch out occasionally.

D I G I T A L    A D

As a dentist in a small town, Eby Family Dental constantly seeks out new ways to reach out to surrounding communities. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is nearby, and Eby decided to reach out to students in need of dental care. These slides played on campus screens. I created designs that would pop aesthetically that also had messages that a student could relate to.