C a s u a l   J o e ' s

Casual Joe's is a barbeque restaurant in Whitewater, Wisconsin. I designed a logo, custom stamp, and menu for the restaurant, as well as a large board illustrating where the owner had travelled while researching barbeque before opening Casual Joe's. 

M E N U    D E S I G N

As a true barbeque restaurant, Casual Joe's needed menus that would be easy to change out but still maintain a special element. Straightforward food categories make the menu easy to read, and a custom stamp adds a pop of color that allows for the rest of the menu to be printed in black and white.

E V E N T    P R O M O T I O N

Casual Joe's is the perfect setting for casual, fun events. Since opening in early 2015, they hope to expand their series of beer pairing dinners with local breweries. I designed both digital and print material to advertise special dinners as well as new services being offered, such as delivery.

Casual Joe's offers a wide selection of tap beers, and is working with Wisconsin breweries to offer a series of beer pairing dinners. I created graphics for use online as well as a menu to be used as a flyer to promote the event.

Casual Joe's recently began offering delivery. They wanted a theme of 'No Pants Necessary' to match their overall playful branding. I designed online graphics and flyers for this campaign.